Novice: Interior shading Beopt

asked 2019-10-07 17:53:16 -0500

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HI, I am working in Beopt for the first time after watching the videos and looking at some of the BeOpt tagged questions. It's a retrofit situation.

I am creating an unimproved case first, and then hope to model four retrofit options.

When it comes to inputting windows, there are questions about interior shades. In the pdf that explains what this function does, it notes that solar gain will be reduced by 30% if the interior shading options was chosen.

I am just finishing graduate school. In our class on solar energy, which treated heat gain and was taught by an engineer, we were taught that any device situated inside a building cannot reduce window heat gain, because the heat has already entered the envelope through the glass. Is this wrong?

The question is important to me because my whole project is about mitigating heat gain, and f I end up being wrong by .3 in my base case, it will throw everything off.

Thank you very much.

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