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How to Model a Cold Water Booster Pump for Service Hot Water Demand?

asked 2019-10-03 15:20:30 -0600

I am modeling a fairly tall building with a booster pump that supplies pressured cold water to the building and make-up water to the water heater. I realized that the booster pump in the design could be a pretty significant load on the building but I couldn't find a way to model the cold side of a domestic hot water loop.

Is there a component in OpenStudio or EnergyPlus that represent the supply of cold water to the building that would capture the energy consumption of the booster pump?

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-10-04 02:10:14 -0600

There's no object that does that in EnergyPlus (in any BEM tool that I know personally actually).

You'll have to model it as an ElectricEquipment and do a side calculation to set its design power consumption and schedule.

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Asked: 2019-10-03 15:20:30 -0600

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