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Why does the availability managers night cycle can't show the zone

asked 2019-09-27 15:27:47 -0600

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updated 2019-09-29 10:11:30 -0600

Hello all: I set an AM night cycle in my model, and seems I can select the control zone under the option "cycleoncontrol zone". but the menu does not show the zone name, just some numbers. I was wondering if it is a bug, or I set something incorrectly? Thanks.image description

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answered 2019-10-04 03:18:00 -0600

These fields shouldn't be displayed in the OpenStudioApplication to begin with. I added an issue on Github NREL/OpenStudio#3707

If you want to set this, you have to use the API directly (via the ruby bindings or an OpenStudio Measure).

Here's a demonstration of the API for these fields:

require 'openstudio'
include OpenStudio::Model
m =
a =
z =
atu =, m.alwaysOnDiscreteSchedule)
a.addBranchForZone(z, atu)

# 1. This will create an AvailabilityManagerNightCycle
# a.setNightCycleControlType("CycleOnAny")
# avm = a.availabilityManagers[0]
# avm_nc = avm.to_AvailabilityManagerNightCycle.get

# 2. Alternatively you can directly create one and add it to the AirLoopHVAC
avm_nc =

# Check all Control Type that you can set
#=> ["StayOff",
# "CycleOnAny",
# "CycleOnControlZone",
# "CycleOnAnyZoneFansOnly",
# "CycleOnAnyCoolingOrHeatingZone",
# "CycleOnAnyCoolingZone",
# "CycleOnAnyHeatingZone",
# "CycleOnAnyHeatingZoneFansOnly"]

# Depending on the control type you choose, you'll have to use one or several of these methods to set the correct zones
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