PVT system heating/cooling

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Hi I am currently working on my master thesis and my scope was to simulate different HVAC systems for a single zone building. After having completed different senarios now I' m into my last one. I have created a solar PVT absorption system with boiler. I am using a ZONEHVAC:FourPipeFanCoil with Coil:Cooling:Water and Coil:Heating:Water to meet my heating and cooling loads. I have a storage tank (WaterHeater:Mixed with 0 capacity) which is connected to hybrid solar panels. My system works perfectly uses the hot water from the storage tank to provide the absorption chiller for cooling and my heating loads coming from boiler. My summer senario is great. However, my winter senario not so because all the heating comes directly from the boiler. Thus I want to connect the boiler with the storage tank. I want the hot/warm water from the storage tank to pass through the boiler for my heating needs. How can I do that? I read about ideal fluid-to-fluid heat exchangers but I cannot understand where to put them and how to connect them especialy in the branch list and in general to my existing system. Or maybe i could use a Tampering Valve? But I am either not sure how to connect it to my system.

Here is how my Branch List and Plant Loop look like.



Any advice on how to solve this would be great thanks.

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