Cant't see Reports on "Results Summary" tab

asked 2019-09-06 04:40:47 -0500

Joan gravatar image


Using Openstudio 2.8 and Windows 10 Pro. After run the simulation I can't see the reports on the "Results Summary" tab. I can't see the "EnergyPlus Results" nor the "Openstudio Results".

"EnergyPlus Results" appears on the drop-down menu, but the window is empty with a sad sheet icon. "Openstudio Results" doesn't appear on the drop-down menu.

The top right button "Open Dview for Detailed Reports" neither works. It returns:

"The following error code was returned while trying to read file C:\ [...]: 14 And when click "OK" s'how:

"The selected files is not of the correct format, is corrupt, no longer exist, or you do not have permission to open it." And finally opens Dview but without any data.

I tried to do the same in a laptop with windows 7 Ultimate and all works except for the "Openstudio Results" that neither appear on the drop-down menu.


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