How to convert Baseboard U-Factor times Area to Heating Design Capacity?

asked 2019-09-06 04:08:05 -0600

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I simulated a single zone building with a baseboard. The autosizing reported an U-Factor times Area [W/C] of 20964.40703. Now I want to run the same sim without component sizing but I require the Heating Design Capacity of the Baseboard which was not reported in the autosizing.

The engineering reference shows following equation:

UA = q_std / deltaT_lm

I assume that UA is the U-Factor times Area, q_std is the Heating Design Capacity and deltaT_lm is the log mean temperature difference. But I dont know where to find or how to derive the deltaT_lm.

Does anybody know how to calculate the Heating Design Capacity of a baseboard? Or where to find it in the output/debug reports after autosizing? It bugs me already for a week...

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