EnergyPlus epw file made by Element causes error [closed]

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Hi everyone, I run into a severe error when I replace the TMY3.epw file from the EnergyPlus website with the local actual weather data that I made with Element. Here is the error: "1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error: * Severe * DualSetPointWithDeadBand: Unanticipated combination of heating and cooling loads" The model works with no problem with TMY3.epw file, however. I'm not sure I am using Element correctly, here is what I'm doing: I open up a TMY3.epw file and replace the dry-bulb temperature and dew point temperature column with actual data. I noticed if I change relative humidity or wet bulb temperature, these two fields also will change correspondingly. so I just replace the DBT and DewPT and let the other parameters change by the software. then I rename the ddy and sat files without any further changes and run the simulation.

I really appreciate if anybody can help me out. Thanks!

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