Run errors; no ground temperatures input, surface data... [closed]

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I am sorting through some run errors in an Openstudio 2.8.1 model and trying to troubleshoot them:

GetHTSurfaceData: Surfaces with interface to Ground found but no "Ground Temperatures" were input.
However, I've verified the weather file is loaded.

ProcessScheduleInput: Schedule:Day:Interval="Schedule Day 1", Bland schedule...---will not be validated.
I've not seen this error before.

RoofCeiling:Detailed, Vertex size mismatch. I've ran the diagnostic script and no errors encountered. (Two separate ones like this)

GetHTSubSurfaceData: Surface Openings have too much area for base surface. As previously mentioned, I've run the diagnostic script.

I have another surface with negative surface area.

Not sure how to resolve these; running initially with Ideal Loads.

Link to model:

I'm using Austin TMY3 file.

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