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Directory error applying Radiance Measure in Open Studio

asked 2019-08-06 15:53:08 -0600

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updated 2019-08-07 10:03:02 -0600

I tried running two Open Studio Models with Radiance Measure and I always get the same running error.

The first model had a complex geometry that was prepared in Sketchup with one space, two Daylight controls and an Illuminance map. The second model was a simple rectangular space with a Daylight control prepared from within Open Studio. In both cases, I get the same error.

I double-checked to make sure the model was complete to run Radiance.

The directory structure it is looking for does not exist on my computer. C:/Users/Hugues Rivard/AppData/Local/Temp/OpenStudioApp.k13596/resources/run/000_RadianceMeasure/radiance/options/treg.opt

I tried changing the "My Measures Directory" in the Preferences pull-down menu to "C:/openstudio-2.8.0/Measures"

I am a beginner in using Open Studio and I am at a lost on how to proceed and correct the error.

The Open Studio Model files for the simple example are available here:

Here is the error message I get:

Initializing workflow.
Processing OpenStudio Measures.
Applying RadianceMeasure
  Result: Fail
  Error: No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - C:/Users/Hugues Rivard/AppData/Local    /Temp/OpenStudioApp.k13596/resources/run/000_RadianceMeasure/radiance/options/treg.opt
    eval:353:in `initialize'
    eval:353:in `open'
    eval:353:in `open'
    C:/Users/Hugues Rivard/AppData/Local/Temp/OpenStudioApp.k13596/resources/measures/RadianceMeasure/measure.rb:736:in `run'
    :/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.3.3/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/measure.rb:467:in `apply_measure'
    :/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.3.3/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/measure.rb:74:in `block in apply_measures'
    :/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.3.3/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/measure.rb:32:in `each_index'
    :/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.3.3/lib/openstudio/workflow/util/measure.rb:32:in `apply_measures'
    :/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.3.3/lib/openstudio/workflow/jobs/run_os_measures.rb:52:in `perform'
    :/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.3.3/lib/openstudio/workflow/run.rb:269:in `step'
    :/ruby/2.2.0/gems/openstudio-workflow-1.3.3/lib/openstudio/workflow/run.rb:216:in `run'
    :/openstudio_cli.rb:937:in `execute'
    :/openstudio_cli.rb:726:in `execute'
    :/openstudio_cli.rb:1703:in `<main>'
    eval:110:in `eval'
        eval:110:in `require_embedded_absolute'
    eval:95:in `block in require'
    eval:89:in `each'
    eval:89:in `require'
    eval:2:in `<main>'
  Info: Begin Encoding.default_external = UTF-8
  Info: Begin Encoding.default_internal = 
  Info: Radiance multiprocessing features are not supported on Windows.
  Info: Using 1 core(s) for Radiance jobs
  Info: Found Radiance at: C:\openstudio-2.8.0\Radiance
  Info: Found Perl at: C:\openstudio-2.8.0\Perl\perl\bin
  Info: Found EnergyPlus at: C:\openstudio-2.8.0\EnergyPlus\energyplus.exe
  Info: Radiance version: NREL 5.0.a.12 (by googs 2016.10.04) based on RADIANCE 5.0 Official Release by G. Ward
  Info: Radiance binary dir: C:\openstudio-2.8.0\Radiance\bin
  Info: Radiance library dir: C:\openstudio-2.8.0\Radiance\lib
  Info: Translating OpenStudio 2.x model to Radiance format ...
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1 Answer

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answered 2019-08-07 23:43:21 -0600

That error usually means that the Radiance model translation failed, most likely because the OpenStudio model isn't properly configured yet for use with Radiance. (The most common reason is that daylighting controls aren't assigned to thermal zones.)

I downloaded your project (thank you for the link), but I do not see in the run log any references to what specifically went wrong, or what is missing, which is unusual. I would double-check that you have at least one space/zone/daylighting control/illuminance map are all properly configured, as described here:

The above referenced page is ancient, but the requirements still stand. If any of these items are amiss, the translation will fail and you will get this error.

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Thank you very much for your insight.

I redid a simple model this time starting from sketchup (as it cannot be done solely from Openstudio according to the instructions) and followed the procedure as described in the link you provided and was able to run Radiance measures and obtain results.

I will have to recheck my more complicated model to make sure it is complete for a Radiance analysis.

Best regards

HugoQc's avatar HugoQc  ( 2019-08-09 13:41:46 -0600 )edit

I have the same problem as you What have you done to solve this problem?

Alireza717's avatar Alireza717  ( 2021-12-02 03:09:24 -0600 )edit

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