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How to sub-meter two buildings with same central plant?

asked 2019-07-23 23:40:06 -0500

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updated 2019-07-24 07:59:16 -0500

Dear all,

I'm modelling a project with two buildings served by the same central cooling plant. Building A is a commercial building, while Building B is commercial + office(with different setpoint & schedule). My problem now is how to analyze the consumption of individual building easily, regarding two aspects below:

  1. For zone-wise consumption such as lighting and interior equipment, is there any way to sub-meter individual building without defining complicated zonelists (such as A_liftlobby_commercial, B_toilet_office, etc.)?

  2. For central HVAC consumption such as chiller, pump and cooling tower, my current approach is to post-process the result in excel. The logic is to distribute the central consumption to zones based on terminal cooling demand and then get individual building consumption by filtering the zone names. Can anyone kindly suggest smarter approach for such analysis?

Many thanks


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2 Answers

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answered 2019-07-24 11:56:00 -0500

Not really, see my question...

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answered 2019-07-25 07:00:35 -0500

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you can use the End Use Subcategory on lights and equipment to easily create additional meter outputs in the energy plus report summary report. If you are using OpenStudio, a measure may be required to access the End Use Subcategory on light definitions and equipment definitions. For plant attribution, use output variables measuring volume flow rates. If the buildings are thermally seperate, I would be tempted to have two seperate models. Using that approach you could run one model to get the total ( chilled ? ) water from building A and represent that chw demand on the total plant system with a Load Profile.

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p.s Australia is good at metering. ozzie ozzie ozzie oi oi oi

TomB's avatar TomB  ( 2019-07-25 07:01:18 -0500 )edit

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