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EnergyPlus version updater and WindowProperty:ShadingControl objects

asked 2019-06-20 11:41:27 -0500

mldichter gravatar image

I updated a file from 8.8 to 9.1 and the WindowProperty:ShadingControl object and its corresponding field in the FenestrationSurface:Detailed objects are no longer valid. What are the recommended objects to use and modify for an equivalent simulation?

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Did you transition versions one at a time using EP-Launch, or transition multiple versions using the IDF Updater auxiliary program? This might be worth adding an issue to the EnergyPlus Github site so that the development team can fix this issue.

Aaron Boranian gravatar image Aaron Boranian  ( 2019-06-20 12:56:26 -0500 )edit

@Aaron Boranian I transitioned multiple versions using the IDF update utility in ep-launch. This isn't the first time this has happened though. Usually I run a diff on the two text files to highlight what field names have changed. The RunPeriod objects doesn't update correctly either because the start and end year fields were added.

mldichter gravatar image mldichter  ( 2019-06-20 13:00:00 -0500 )edit

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answered 2019-06-20 12:36:31 -0500

The WindowProperty:ShadingControl object was renamed to WindowShadingControl, but has almost all of the same input fields as before. Since this alters a specific window construction, you no longer need to reference the window shading control in the FenestrationSurface:Detailed object, as you pointed out. As a result, this input field has been removed from the FenestrationSurface:Detailed object. You can read more about the latest set of input fields for EnergyPlus v9.1 of the WindowShadingControl object here and read more about all of the IDD changes caused by this update here.

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