Operation of Multiple Cooling Towers

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Hello community,

I have read this forun to find something related to the operation of the cooling Towers but couldn`t find it. The closest question I found was this one UnmetHours Question

So, the thing is I am trying to model a water colled chiller with 5 cooling towers. The chilled water loop and the air loop both look fine. Also I got to run my model as ir was projected but I am having problems to understand the results.

I only get one of the five cooling towers to work. I have set the parameters as it is in the project but I only one cooling tower is operating.

I want to compare one cooling tower operating vs five cooling towers.

Anyone have any ideia what is wrong? Any sugegstions to make it work?

Condenser Water Loop Working Cooling Tower Temperatures Not working Cooling Tower Temperatures Working Cooling Tower Mass Flow Rate Not Working Cooling Tower Mass Flow Rate

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I have the same question! Had a similar problem, can anybody help??

pedropellegrino's avatar pedropellegrino  ( 2019-05-29 08:44:03 -0600 )edit