Naturally Vented Double Skin Glazing Model

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Hello All,

I am trying to model a double skin fully glazed system than has the outer cavity open for natural ventilation . I am using the latest version of E+ 9.1

After reviewing all the different ways of modelling this system in E+ i found the Equivalentlayers option as the best one. Now i started with the simple example file provided with in the E+ Example Files called EquivalentLayerWindow.idf. This model already had the windows ( with shades , screens , air gaps etc) configured and it simulates fine without any issues. However the moment I change the window Gap Vent Type to VentedOutdoor from the default Sealed I get severe errors. Based on some older posts that kind of touched on this topic I have tried increasing my simulation time step to 20 and played around with different convection models but nothing works. Perhaps this is beyond my current abilities to understand the inner workings of E+ or maybe this is a bug with the Vented Cavity model. Any suggestions or fixes would be appreciated. I am more concerned with the first severe error since i believe that is leading to the second one

* Severe * ASHWAT_Thermal: Net radiation analysis did not converge for CLR SHADEX CLR * ~~~ * ...Maximum error is = 3.229550 * ~~~ * ...Convergence tolerance is = 1.000000E-004 * Warning * Inside surface heat balance did not converge with Max Temp Difference [C] =NAN vs Max Allowed Temp Diff [C] =2.000000E-003 * ~~~ * Environment=RUNPERIOD 1, at Simulation time=01/09 01:48 - 01:51

* Severe * DualSetPointWithDeadBand: Unanticipated combination of heating and cooling loads - report to EnergyPlus Development Team * ~~~ * occurs in Zone=ZONE ONE Environment=RUNPERIOD 1, at Simulation time=01/09 01:45 - 01:48 * ~~~ * LoadToHeatingSetPoint=NAN, LoadToCoolingSetPoint=NAN * ~~~ * Zone Heating Set-point=21.11 * ~~~ * Zone Cooling Set-point=23.89 * ~~~ * Zone TempDepZnLd=NAN * ~~~ * Zone TempIndZnLd=NAN * ~~~ * Zone ThermostatSetPoint=21.11 * Fatal * Program terminates due to above conditions.

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