Heating Load and Cooling Load Extraction on OpenStudio

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Greeting, friends

I just have a small question

I am a fresh research student doing Machine Learning on Smart Energy Efficient Smart Houses. I was wondering if OpenStudio could help me with this. I have a research paper's database here, [http://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/dataset...] that is using Autodesk's Ecotect to generate Heating and Cooling loads of a building using glazing (glass) parameters mostly and other basic parameters that then Ecotect simulates and generates the heating and cooling load of each building.

I was hoping to add onto this study by adding another parameter to see the impact of the new Heating and Cooling loads. And was hoping to use OpenStudio for my new dataset.

So my question is if it can be done in OpenStudio (and how would be a big thank you as well), as many energy researchers are saying to avoid Ecotect these days ever since Autodesk acquired it due to its poor simulation for today's standards and that OpenStudio is much better.

Thank you

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