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I have created an OpenStudio building model using as a base the SmallHotel example from ASHRAE with the following modifications:

  • Heating systems are now based on water radiator heaters placed in each zone.
  • For the cooling system, we placed AirTerminal:SingleDuct:ConstantVolume:CooledBeam objects in each zone and the coils from those objects are connected to a chilled water circuit.
  • The occupancy schedules are removed.
  • Added a main chilled water loop.
  • Added an additional boiler loop for heaters.

The building is co-simulated converting the project to an EnergyPlus IDF and then to a FunctionalMockupUnit (FMU) after adding some additional configuration (ExternalInterface:FunctionalMockupUnitExport related parameters).

The target of this is to modify the OpenStudio project and create an IDF to make possible the co-simulation of some systems but keeping others controlled by EnergyPlus:

  • Variables that we want to co-simulate using the FMU interface:
  • Zone occupancy using ExternalInterface schedules.
  • Heater water flow rate to simulate a water valve.
  • Chilled water flow rate of the CooledBeam coils to simulate a water valve.
  • Ventilation flow rate to simulate a VAV box damper.

  • Output variables:

  • Energy consumption for Heating, Cooling and Ventilation systems.
  • Zone Mean Air Temperature.

  • Controlled by EnergyPlus:

  • Main chilled water loop temperature setpoint.
  • Main boiled water loop temperature setpoint.
  • Heating and cooling EnergyPlus autosize.

Attached are the OpenStudio, FMU and IDF files. There is a clean version of the non-functional IDF, with no external variables and one with the external variables which need to be controlled in the co-simulation.

The expected deliverable is the functional IDF where the co-simulation works, and all systems are correctly controlled and respond to the external variables.

In summary, what I need is to fix the bug in the idf. Ventilation and cooling do not work when they are controlled by co-simulation, that is, by ExternalInterface. The simulation runs without giving errors, but ignores our input and takes 0 as a result, regardless of the input we pass on it. I need help to fix that.

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