How to extract comfortable data from jeplus+EA

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eplusout.eso eplusout.csv Heating:Electricity Cooling:Electricity 0

!-sqlite ! Output file name; Column headers; SQL command PEOPLE_F3_CORRIDOR_Discomfort_CEN15251_CategoryII; RoomEast Cat II [Hours]; SELECT Value FROM TabularDataWithStrings WHERE (ReportName="Adaptive Comfort summary" AND ColumnName="CEN15251 Category II Acceptability Limits" AND RowName="PEOPLE F3:CORRIDOR") !-end sqlite !-objectives ! Name of the objective; unit; formula (c0,c1, c2... are columns in the result table generated from the statements above) Heating Electriciy; kWh; c0 Cooling Electriciy; kWh; c1 RoomEast Cat II; Hr; c2 !-end objectives

This is my rvi ,but I didn't get the value of RoomEast Cat II, What's wrong with this rvi file?

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