District Cooling Fan Coil System with Make Up Air (Open Studio)

asked 2019-04-26 18:59:46 -0500

Draza gravatar image


I am trying to model a building that includes a fan coil system, make-up air units and exhaust fans.

I tried including the exhaust fans as zone equipment (OS:Fan:ZoneExhaust) but had balancing issues because the max air flow rate requires a hard entered number and the rest of the system id being auto sized.

Currently I have an air loop attached to the zones which I'm using as both the MAUs and the exhaust fans. Is this the correct way to model this system? I know that there are some similar threads but there has been updates that may have increased the functionality for this issue.

I have attached a link to the model here

This is just a Test model that im using to test out the system design.

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