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some terminologies of genopt

asked 2019-04-04 20:55:30 -0500

Bishan Thapa gravatar image

Hello everyone,

While I am analyzing the output results from the genopt, I am not able to find out the relationship between iteration that we specify, simulation number, main iteration, sub-iteration and step number in the output files. Can anyone help me understand what these terminologies mean? I could not find what these terms mean in manual. Did I miss inspite of its mentioning in the manual ?

Sincerely, Bishan Thapa

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-04-05 03:18:14 -0500

The simulation number is the number of simulations that have been conducted (if an optimization request the function value for the same point multiple times, then no simulation is done). The step number can be used to increase the weight of a penalty or barrier function, see manual. Main and sub iteration number are handled differently among the various algorithms, you can safely ignore them.

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Thank you Dr. Wetter. I am using GPSPSOCCHJ and used "max iteration" for the algorithm as 500 once and 800 later. While previous converged within 7 hours with log file saying "max iteration reached" message, the later one didn't converge to solution in more than 2 days (they had slightly different initial values for parameters though). Can we say that max ite we specify inside the algorithm causes slowness ?How is "max ite" we specify inside algorithm related to simulation number displayed in the output files ?

Bishan Thapa gravatar image Bishan Thapa  ( 2019-04-05 05:51:20 -0500 )edit

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