LED Build Specficiations for DesignBuilder

asked 2019-03-27 16:00:13 -0600

shanek123 gravatar image

Hi, New to using DesignBuilder for a college project and I'm looking to model LED builds instead of incandescent ones.

Currently my model is set to office space lighting: Power density = 12W/m2 Radiant fraction= 0.72 visible fraction = 0.18

I'm just wondering whats the best way to model LED bulbs? Thanks in advance

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DesignBuilder has some templates for different types of lamps (e.g. LED, T5, T8, incandescent etc.). Bear in mind that they are just best practice templates. To accurately model the lighting consumption you have to manually input the lighting power density (the total power of all lighting fixtures in a room divided by the area; expressed in W/m2).

Regarding the radiant fraction and visible fraction, there are several research papers online treating this aspect.

banicu gravatar image banicu  ( 2019-03-29 01:56:35 -0600 )edit