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Running OS - Dehumidification with Ideal Air Loads ON [closed]

asked 2019-03-07 11:46:45 -0500

PFHUTCHINS gravatar image

I constructed my supermarket model using Open Studio. I used a Humidity Schedule, for controlling the Sales Area space to 50% RH maximum, but the results showed no humidity control. I looked at the idf via EnergyPlus and the IDF Editor and found that the "Dehumidification Control Type" = "ConstantSensibleHeatRatio". I changed it to "Humidistat" and re-ran via OS. No change. I went back into EP and the "Dehumidification Control Type" = "ConstantSensibleHeatRatio". Running via OS, the control type automatically reverts to the default. While in EP, I changed the control type back to "Humidistat" and ran while in EP. The results showed the dehumidification works!

Does anyone know any way to run OS with Ideal Air Loads and control Humidity via a Humidistat? I really like OS's user-friendly input and excellent graphic outputs.

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2 Answers

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answered 2019-03-07 15:47:18 -0500

If you are using OS 2.7.1+ you can use a measure with the following method to change the mode to Humidistat


You will pass the string 'Humidistat' to the measure.

You can get another reference on the object here and in the InputOutput Reference.

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answered 2019-03-07 15:43:09 -0500

See the ideal_loads_options and ideal_air_loads_zone_hvac measures on the UnmetHours github repository. These measures allow you to set the humidity control type and will translate that data to the objects in EnergyPlus at run-time.

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Didn't know about the GitHub Measures repository. After a few futile attempts I figured it out. Downloaded the measures to My Measures folder and synced. The Ideal Air Loads Zone HVAC did the trick. Thank you very much!

PFHUTCHINS gravatar imagePFHUTCHINS ( 2019-03-08 13:02:45 -0500 )edit


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