Slab objects used in the DOE prototype models

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From a very good answer from this post, I got some background on the DOE prototype models, documentation, and the idf files.

I have a problem though. The Site:GroundTemperature:BuildingSurface and Site:WaterMainsTemperature objects appear to have been generated with Slab for each location. Tucson and Tampa pictured below for the Warehouse model.

image description

But only the output objects of Slab, which are the two objects in the image, were saved in each idf file and not the Slab objects used to create them. This is a big problem because the materials used in the building slab are used in the Slab preprocessor, and I have no idea what all the objects are for these models. There are also basements in some of the models which is even more complicated than the objects needed for a slab.

image description

There is a comment in the idf file referring to a file location for generating these objects,

! Ground temperature object produced by /projects/bigsim/bin/gt2idf /projects/bigsim/comstd/_p.gtp/_p.gtp_copy_from_local/slab/output/Zone2B_semiheated_R0_0ftV_Warehouse_Tucson_STD2016.gtp

but I don't know how to access them.

There is a contact email from this webpage that I tried,

image description

but I am yet to receive a reply.

Does anyone have access to the Slab objects referred to in the idf file comments?

The two files I ran the diff on can be downloaded here.

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Could you just run the slab pre-processor yourself? It's included with the EnergyPlus install.

mdahlhausen gravatar imagemdahlhausen ( 2019-02-22 11:46:09 -0500 )edit

@mdahlhausen I just added a picture of some Slab and Basement objects to the post.

I was not aware that Slab can be run without a lot of other objects. Can Slab be run with just a few generic objects, because that would be GREAT!!!

mldichter gravatar imagemldichter ( 2019-02-22 11:51:49 -0500 )edit

@shorowit Which of the tag(s) should be removed by the way?

mldichter gravatar imagemldichter ( 2019-02-28 17:59:02 -0500 )edit

@shorowit Okay. I'm going to go ahead and remove the please-use-existing-tags tag then.

mldichter gravatar imagemldichter ( 2019-03-06 09:40:22 -0500 )edit