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Which Coefficient is used by Adaptive Convection Algorithm?

asked 2019-02-02 03:30:15 -0500

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updated 2019-02-03 00:06:37 -0500

I have a model with different types of surfaces. I've utilized Adaptive Convection Algorithm to model inside and outside convection coefficient. I want to check which algorithm is used for each surface. Is there any way?

I read engineering references but My model has more than 100 surface I don't want to test one by one.

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-02-04 09:56:21 -0500

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I've never used it, but the "Surface Inside Face Convection Model Equation Index" output seems to be what you're looking for: Surface outside convection has similar outputs.

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Thank you. That's right. :)

taher.ahel's avatar taher.ahel  ( 2019-02-04 13:11:49 -0500 )edit

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