Very low cooling load using indirect absorption chillers

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I am modelling a building which is equipped with absorption chillers. I have the indirect absorption chillers implemented in my model OpenStudio model and for the heating, we are connected to the district heating system. The simulation finishes with no error, however, the cooling load is much lower than my expectations for that building. In order to confirm that, I have also tried my building without considering any HVAC system and just using the idea air load for my thermal zones (following link provides my HVAC load profile with actual and ideal HVAC systems).

The cooling load in this case aligns well with my expectations. I would appreciate if someone has any suggestions about the steps that I should take to revise this issue?

I should mention that both of the models have exactly the same conditions


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Hi did you find any solution to this problem?

Psterpis's avatar Psterpis  ( 2021-07-08 03:32:47 -0600 )edit