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May you help me to understand following warnings, please?

asked 2019-01-21 02:08:50 -0500

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updated 2019-01-29 01:56:55 -0500

Error file:

Program Version,EnergyPlus, Version 8.5.0-c87e61b44b, YMD=2019.01.21 17:02,IDD_Version 8.5.0
************* Beginning Zone Sizing Calculations
** Warning ** Weather file location will be used rather than entered (IDF) Location object.
**   ~~~   ** ..Location object=ATLANTA-HARTSFIELD.JACKSON.INTL.AP_GA_USA WMO=722190
**   ~~~   ** ..Weather File Location=DAEJEON - KOR IWEC2 WMO#=471330
**   ~~~   ** ..due to location differences, Latitude difference=[2.73] degrees, Longitude difference=[211.80] degrees.
**   ~~~   ** ..Time Zone difference=[14.0] hour(s), Elevation difference=[77.00] percent, [241.00] meters.
** Warning ** CheckUsedConstructions: There are 121 nominally unused constructions in input.
**   ~~~   ** For explicit details on each unused construction, use Output:Diagnostics,DisplayExtraWarnings;
** Warning ** ManageSizing: For a system sizing run, there must be at least 1 Sizing:System object input. SimulationControl System Sizing option ignored.
************* Beginning Plant Sizing Calculations
** Severe  ** For autosizing of Branch AIRLOOP G SW MAIN BRANCH, a system sizing run must be done.
**   ~~~   ** No "Sizing:System" objects were entered.
**  Fatal  ** Program terminates due to previously shown condition(s).
...Summary of Errors that led to program termination:
..... Reference severe error count=1
..... Last severe error=For autosizing of Branch AIRLOOP G SW MAIN BRANCH, a system sizing run must be done.
************* Warning:  Node connection errors not checked - most system input has not been read (see previous warning).
************* Fatal error -- final processing.  Program exited before simulations began.  See previous error messages.
************* ===== Final Error Summary =====
************* The following error categories occurred.  Consider correcting or noting.
************* Nominally Unused Constructions
************* ..The nominally unused constructions warning is provided to alert you to potential conditions that can cause
************* ..extra time during simulation. Each construction is calculated by the algorithm indicated in the HeatBalanceAlgorithm
************* ..object. You may remove the constructions indicated (when you use the DisplayExtraWarnings option).
************* EnergyPlus Warmup Error Summary. During Warmup: 0 Warning; 0 Severe Errors.
************* EnergyPlus Sizing Error Summary. During Sizing: 3 Warning; 0 Severe Errors.
************* EnergyPlus Terminated--Fatal Error Detected. 3 Warning; 1 Severe Errors; Elapsed Time=00hr 00min 28.97sec
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What software did you use to generate your .idf file?

The error is prominent in the error summary: * Warning * ManageSizing: For a system sizing run, there must be at least 1 Sizing:System object input.

mdahlhausen's avatar mdahlhausen  ( 2019-01-21 10:50:33 -0500 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2019-01-28 17:14:17 -0500

Just guessing, but it appears that most of the HVAC objects in this file are not autosized and have values entered for flow rates, capacities, etc. In v8.5 and prior, the Branch object had a field for "Maximum Flow Rate" which apparently has been set to "autosize" in this file. Find the flow rate value entered for the other components on this airloop and use that value here.

Note that the "Maximum Flow Rate" field was removed from the Branch object in v8.6 and later.

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..and if the project is in South Korea, use an appropriate weather file (instead of Atlanta). That won't affect the fatal errors, but it's easy to forget after the fatal errors go away.

Jim Dirkes's avatar Jim Dirkes  ( 2019-01-29 05:44:23 -0500 )edit

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