Zone Air Temperature Simulation by EnergyPlus

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Hi everyone,

Now I'm trying a very simple simulation of a natural temperature by using EnergyPlus (OpenStudio). The model is 64 cubic meter (Width 4m * Depth 4m * Height 4m), the boundary condition of only one surface with a window (3m*3m) is "outdoor" and the others are "adiabatic". I don't set any internal load or ventilation, and just do a simulation of natural ventilation.

The result is as attached. I cannot understand why the zone air temperature is so higher than the outdoor temperature in the winter season. Especially in January, the zone air temperature is almost 50℃ (120ºF). I cannot find a failure of my setting of this simulation.

Please give me some advice.

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what is the latitude of the simulation (roughly), what is the orientation of the one wall that does have exterior exposure and a window, and is their any overhang over the wall or window? I'm wondering if it is setup in such a way that there is more solar gain through the window and on the surface in winter than summer. If you had a very low conductivity to the wall and window, then solar gain could play more of a role in zone temperature than the outdoor air temperature.

David Goldwasser's avatar David Goldwasser  ( 2019-01-15 10:20:04 -0500 )edit

Dear David, thanks for your reply. I checked a solar heat gain through the window and as you said, the solar gain caused this high indoor temperature. Thanks again for your advice.

keiichirot's avatar keiichirot  ( 2019-01-28 04:19:20 -0500 )edit