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In the GBXML Schema (v6.01) how is the adjacent space id for a shading surface to be specified

asked 2019-01-14 14:23:05 -0600

JSpielbauer gravatar image

In v6.01 of the GBXML schema the multiplicity on the Surface.AdjacentSpaceId is [1, 2]. Per the notes at the top of the 6.01 schema the multiplicity was changes in v5.12 of the schema in Aug 2014 so as to make AdjacentSpaceId a required field. Prior to that the multiplicity was [0, 2]. It is my understanding then when the number of AdjacentSpaceIds was zero that meant the surface was a shading surface. Now that a surface must have at least one AdjacentSpaceId, how is the AdjacentSpaceId for a shading surface to be specified?

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answered 2019-01-15 09:31:51 -0600

JSpielbauer gravatar image

Via testing using OpenStudio I believe the following to be true.

Prior to v5.12 of the schema the number of AdjacentSpaceIds for a shading surface was to be zero. The drawback to this is that all shading surfaces "belong" to the same "collection". That is there was no way to group shading surfaces together. In v5.12 of the schema an AdjacentSpaceId for a shading surface is now required. Its value is used to group shading surfaces together to create a shading "object". OpenStudio uses the term Shading Collection.

This is a nice improvement to the Schema as I have been struggling with a way to group shading surfaces to create several adjacent buildings and have each adjacent building be its own object.

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