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How to use more than one TemperingValve object?

asked 2019-01-08 17:34:53 -0500

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I want to use SolarCollector:FlatPlate:Water objects to provide preheated water to a WaterHeater:Mixed object for domestic use as well as a Boiler:HotWater to service Coil:Heating:Water objects. At the same time, I don't want to overheat either the WaterHeater:Mixed or Boiler:HotWater. I found the example file on how to use a TemperingValve object, SolarCollectorFlatPlateWater, which seems to do exactly what I want, except that only one TemperingValse object is allowed per splitter. Can a splitter be inside a splitter, like this?

image description

The left TemperingValve could shut off flow to the WaterHeater and the right TemperingValve could shut off flow to the Boiler.

For supplementing heat to a water heater and boiler this is necessary since they will have different times of use and different target temperatures.

Can anyone think of a better way to supply preheated water to the boiler and water heater in energyplus so they can be turned off independently? And if not, is this even possible to model in energyplus plantloops? Maybe with some EMS objects?

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-01-09 17:01:13 -0500

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After trying to implement the above, I realized I had misinterpreted the diagram in the IO Reference. The Storage Tank for the Solar Thermal panels is supposed to be put into the other plant loops. Unfortunately, this means a bunch of heat transfer tanks to get preheated water from the Storage Tank to the Boiler loop and WaterHeater loop since the Storage Tank only has 2 pairs of water input output nodes. (see picture)

image description

If this configuration works, then I'll accept this answer. If not, still looking for suggestions on a more practical way to get preheated water from the Storage Tank to the Boiler and WaterHeater loops while being able to control when heat is transferred.

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