Can Openstudio output errors within the Run Simulation tab?

asked 2019-01-07 10:42:02 -0500

mldichter's avatar

Is there any configuration/menu/whatever I can change in Openstudio to have the results of the energyplus err file displayed in the Run Simulation tab after I run a simulation?

Having all the Warning, Severe, and Fatal errors immediately available after I click the green Run button would be great! My workflow is currently Run in Openstudio, double click run.err, possibly open IDF editor, find cause of error, fix in Openstudio (hopefully only one iteration to fix), look to see if I've fixed an important Warning, Severe, or Fatal error, and repeat.

As I never get all the object fields right on the first run, or even the first twenty runs, workflow would go a lot better if Openstudio outputted the errors immediately within the Openstudio window.

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