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openstudio 2.7.0 plug load multiplier

asked 2018-12-26 12:45:45 -0500

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updated 2018-12-27 13:42:52 -0500

I am using openstudio 2.7.0. In the Space-Level Electric Plug Loads, I found that the multiplier was used twice. In Space 107, there are 40 computers including 40 computers (255w) and 40 monitors (100w). The total load is 255**40**40+100**40**40. why did this error come about? Thank you

(Space Name: 107, Area: 491 ft^2)

Electric Equipment 7 monitor Definition Load (units) 4000 (W) Multiplier 40.0 Total Load (W) 160000 Electric Equipment 6 computer Definition Load (units)10200 (W) Multiplier 40.0 Total Load (W) 408000

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answered 2018-12-27 13:52:10 -0500

@qmu the 4000 (W) definition for monitors and 10200 (W) definition for computers seem to have already have your hard coded your multiplier of 40 to the base load per item of 100 (W) for the monitor and 255 (W) for the computer. In this case your load instance multiplier should be 1.0; I'm assuming your zone multiplier is 1.0. If you instead used load definitions with 100 (W) and 255 (W) values then you could add the multiplier of 40.0 to the load instance multiplier. If you have included 40 people in the space, an alternative approach is to use (W/person) instead of the (W) input option. If only some fraction of occupants have computers, or there are more computer's then occupants, then you would use one of the first two approaches that don't rely on occupants to determine the number of computers and monitors.

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