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Determining full-load run hours for a circulation loop

asked 2018-12-13 09:32:50 -0600

lshaver gravatar image

updated 2018-12-13 14:02:19 -0600

If I have a schedule like this:

   TYPE             = FRACTION
   VALUES           = ( 0.05, &D, &D, &D, &D, &D, 0.0645, 0.2144, 0.4275, 
         0.6139, &D, 0.7539, 0.9, 0.827, 0.7539, 0.769, 0.3544, 0.12, 0.0934, 
         &D, &D, 0.05 )

AND this is the same day schedule used year-round, I can add up all the fractions and multiply by 365 to determine the total full-load run hours for the piece of equipment.

But what if the weekly schedule is more like this?

   TYPE             = FRACTION
   DAY-SCHEDULES    = ( "DHW Eqp NRes WD", &D, &D, &D, &D, "DHW Eqp NRes Sat", 
         "DHW Eqp NRes Sun", &D, "DHW Eqp NRes HDD" )

I can figure out how many Saturdays and Sundays there are in a given year, but I can't find where eQuest tells me what the "Standard US Holidays" are. The holiday schedule points to a library entry, which contains no useful information:

$LIBRARY-ENTRY US                              HOLIDAYS                         START   32
$United States official holidays                                                START   33
  TYPE=OFFICIAL-US  ..                                                          START   34

Is there somewhere I can either:

  • See the total full load run hours for a given piece of equipment
  • Or see the average number of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in a typical modeled year
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1 Answer

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answered 2018-12-14 07:25:52 -0600

There are a few potential ways to approach. To see the list of 'standard US holidays'. eQuest > Project & Site (tab) > Standard US Holidays (in the tree) this will open a 'Holiday Properties' tab. Right click on the field for 'Holiday Types' and go to the help files. Then on the entry for 'OFFICIAL-US ' click on 'Table 12' hyperlink to see the list of US holidays. This provides a list of holidays, but may not be all that you need in that sometimes a holiday is on Saturday/Sunday; It'll get you close though.

For Run time on loops specifically, Report PS-D has the loop Load and Flow rate broken into 10% increments for the hours at that %. For equipment, PS-C is similar. (Multiplying Hours) x the (bucket average) and sum all of these would get you close (ex: if there are 2000 hours where the flow is between 20-20%, 2000 hrs x 25% = 500 full load hours (roughly).

Third alternative would be to use an hourly report for the loop load, then normalize that to the design load of the loop and sum all 8760 up.

All 3 would get you probably close enough to what is needed. I'd personally advocate for approach #2 or #3;Its math based, can be updated in excel easily/fast, and is semi-self documenting (with some explanation)

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