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How can I put a different type of Window in Construction-set?

asked 2018-12-11 13:09:46 -0600

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Well , I'm a beginner with Openstudio and I need to put in 'Construction set', in particular in 'Exterior subsurface Construction' a different type of window for other subsurfaces of my model. When I try to put a new type of window it deletes the one I've put before and I can't put two types of windows. How can I do? Thanks a lot.

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1 Answer

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answered 2018-12-11 14:46:01 -0600

Welcome. There are a few options for handling this - this is my suggestion, once you've created or downloaded your new window Construction:

Leave your original Construction Set intact (I'm assuming that this has been applied to the whole building, on the building-level). For windows that need to be different from the original Construction (included in your Construction Set), go to the Subsurfaces tab in the Spaces section and drag your new window Construction into the Construction field for the appropriate subsurface(s) - as shown by the red arrow.

image description

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Once you've done this, the name of the construction should be displayed in black rather than green.

jbatt's avatar jbatt  ( 2018-12-11 14:46:45 -0600 )edit

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