how to perform multi-objective optimization with jEPlus?

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Hi everyone i was wondering if someone could help me with this, i woul like to do multi-objective optimizations e.g. minimize life-cycle costs and maximize energy use saving. I have like zero skills at coding and i have had a hard time trying to undestand how to use jeplus. I was wondering if some could help me with the exaple that i just mentioned.

Thanks a lot

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Did you have a look at jEPlus+EA? It's a tool where you input a jEPlus parametric model and it performs multi-objective optimization through Genetic Algorithm. You just need to define your objectives in the rvx file, then launch the jEPlus project in jEPlus+EA. If your solution space is limited, you also have the option to run all jobs in jEPlus and then perform the multi-objective optimization manually as a post-process. If you give more detail about the problems you are finding I can try being more specific and expand to an answer.

jack_l gravatar imagejack_l ( 2018-11-29 09:31:47 -0500 )edit

Thanks @jack_l Actually i was just reading your paper "An analysis methodology for large-scale deep energy retrofits of existing building stocks: Case study of the Italian office building". that's pretty much what i want to achive, well at least the first part of the optimun for a minimize life-cycle costs and maximize energy use saving. yeah i already check jEPlus +EA i think it's perfect for this, it's just i'm having some problems at using it. May i aske you a few questions about it? and if i can, should i do it here? Thanks a lot Giacomo. Best regards

Herberthc gravatar imageHerberthc ( 2018-11-30 10:21:16 -0500 )edit

Email me, if you prefer:

jack_l gravatar imagejack_l ( 2018-12-04 06:32:12 -0500 )edit

Thanks @jack_l I just send you an email, sorry for the delay, i was having some problems with the idf file.

Herberthc gravatar imageHerberthc ( 2018-12-13 23:17:07 -0500 )edit