Electric uses due to inconsistent heating

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Hello, I am modeling my hvac system and am not finding satisfactory results. Firstly, I can not reduce the consumption for heating in summer periods (January, February, November and December), since in these months, here in Brazil, temperatures are always above 25ºC. The consumption of winter heating in some months like June and July are very high, even if the temperature in winter is on average 10ºC or less. I am wanting to reduce the use of electric power of my current configurations, seeking to leave the closest to the real. My real building consumes an average of 2500 KWh per month. In relation to other consumptions, they are ok (loads and lighting). I've done everything, modified setpoints, maximum and minimum values, but I did not succeed. Any tips for me to reduce the electricity consumption mentioned above? The following are the images of my total electricity consumption and my used HVAC system

https://imgur.com/Pcz0Bfj - Monthly Overview

https://imgur.com/5DGX2zr - Detailed Monthly Overview

https://imgur.com/Vh22Q0Y - HVAC system

Im using version 2.6.0 of OpenStudio and version 8.9.0 of EnergyPlus

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You may want to re-evaluate the HVAC setup shown in the last image. It looks like you are using a SetpointManager:Warmest. This will set the deck temperature for the multi:zone air loop based on the cooling load of the warmest zone at each time step. You then have a direct constant airflow terminals without any re-heating. It could also be good to plot unmet hours, and also zone setpoint temperatures reported by EnergyPlus.

David Goldwasser's avatar David Goldwasser  ( 2018-11-15 17:34:31 -0600 )edit