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odd luminance pattern in Radiance simulation

asked 2018-11-12 00:52:57 -0500

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updated 2018-11-12 09:28:00 -0500

I tried to use Ecotect to set up a room model and then use Radiance control panel in Ecotect to plot a luminance pattern. But the luminance pattern seems strange cause some of the windows look 'dark' while the others don't and for those 'dark' windows the sun spot of them on the ground looks normal. What's wrong with it?!

attached are some pictures:

C:\fakepath\luminance pattern.PNG

C:\fakepath\luminance pattern.PNG

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answered 2018-11-12 09:41:50 -0500

Looks like you have a funky mixpict material definition set up for that glazing. Surely Autodesk tech support can weigh in.

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but the interesting thing is:

CASE 1: When the view(camera) is set as facing the wall and parallel to the window and the position is 500mm away from the window( time: 8:00 am, Spring Equinox) which is right the situation I've mentioned above, only 2 windows look dark while the others look normal( illustrated as fig 1) and I'm sure that all the windows are set the same material. CASE 2:When the camera is set a little bit further away the windows whilst the view is facing the window then no such strange thing happens.

Yi.Z's avatar Yi.Z  ( 2018-11-18 20:37:06 -0500 )edit

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