Ice Thermal Storage Component Setpoint, OpenStudio

asked 2018-10-08 14:27:23 -0500

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updated 2018-10-09 07:02:30 -0500

I am working on ice storage and ran into what I think is a bug in Open Studio. I have attached a picture of my loop that has an air-cooled chiller serving the ice-tank. When I run this, I get the error posted below. I do not get this problem when I use a water-cooled chiller, which leads me to think it is a bug. I can fix this by exporting the file to an IDF and adding the missing node, but I have a project that requires me to use OpenStudio, so this fix will not be helpful in the long run.

Is anyone able to confirm that this is a bug, or if not, have a solution in OpenStudio? If it is a bug, what are the steps to having it addressed and fixed in OpenStudio?

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image description

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