Problem with compiling of f90 room in BCVTB

asked 2018-10-07 05:17:02 -0500

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updated 2021-03-29 08:49:52 -0500

Dear all,

I have a problem in compliling BCVTB and specifically in fortran example f90 -room. The line with the problem is line 29 of file build.xml in folder bcvtb/examples/f90-room which is related to link section of the file:

<target name="link" depends="compile" if="have.ifort" description="Links binaries"> <exec executable="ifort" failonerror="true" osfamily="unix"> <arg line="-o f90client f90client.o -L../../lib/util -l${lib.bcvtb}"/> </exec> *****<exec executable="cl" failonerror="true" osfamily="windows" vmlauncher="false">***** <arg line="f90client.obj ..\..\lib\util\${lib.bcvtb}.lib"/> </exec> </target>

Also, the output in the command line is shown in the attached image ("LINK: Fatal error LNK1561:entry point must be defined").

Is there any idea why is this happening?

thank you in advance.

Kind regards

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