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Any way to use biquadratic curve for EIR curve of PLR in Chiller?

asked 2018-10-03 23:30:46 -0600

katsuya.obara gravatar image

I am thinking to use excel spreadsheet published by IES to get performance curve regression.
However, this spreadsheet use not only Part Load Ratio but also use temperature difference as below.
On the other hand, Electric Input to Cooling Output Ratio Function of Part Load Ratio Curve expect only Part Load Ratio for variable.
Are there any way to include chiller temperature difference as variable for Electric Input to Cooling Output Ratio Function of Part Load Ratio Curve?
image description

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Julien Marrec gravatar image Julien Marrec  ( 2018-10-04 03:56:53 -0600 )edit

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answered 2018-10-04 20:42:59 -0600

You can't directly use water temp in the performance curve unless the Chiller:Electric:ReformulatedEIR is used. But you could override the curve result and thereby allow any form of performance curve calculation using the Energy Management System (EMS). See EMSCurveOverride_PackagedTerminalHeatPump.idf example file as a template for how to do this.

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