Converting gas heating to heat pumps systems

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I'm looking into the effects of electrifying heating across New York State by using heat pumps (primarily air source for the time being, but potentially also ground source for larger buildings). To do this I've used the "Create DOE Prototype Buildings" OpenStudio measure to create a set of 13 "baseline" building models that use gas for heating. Now I'd like to modify the OpenStudio files to reflect implementing heat pumps. For models without central hot water loops (like retail stand alone, retail strip mall, and warehouse models) can this simply be done by switching out gas heating coils for Coil:Heating:DX:SingleSpeed? Is this a valid approach - to model an air source heat pump by just switching out the heating coils? Would I also have to change cooling coils within the system to accurately reflect implementing an ASHP? For models with central hot water loops (like large hotel and large office) is it as simple as changing the boilers to heat pump water heaters? Looking at how the heat pump water heaters are implemented it seems to be on a zone basis, does this mean there is no quick change from a hot water loop to a heat pump water heater that would essentially convert all zones on the hot water loop from gas heating to electric heating? Would I need a VRF system instead?

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Hi Val Katz - did you have any success changing from gas heating to heat pumps in any of the prototype buildings? We are working on something similar and want to know if OpenStudio can help us accomplish this without too much effort.

Rypo's avatar Rypo  ( 2019-09-05 17:20:26 -0600 )edit