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Slab Preprocessors and list object not found

asked 2018-09-20 11:32:39 -0500

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I have been trying to launch the slab preprocessor because for small buildings, like houses, is recommended in order to simulate correct undisturbed ground temperature.

Unfortunately even if I have followed The AUxiliary reference pdf

Program Version,GroundTempCalc - Slab, Version .75 * Severe * IP: IDF line~10 Did not find "GroundHeatTransfer:Control" in list of Objects * Severe * IP: IDF line~18 Did not find "GroundHeatTransfer:Slab:Materials" in list of Objects * Severe * IP: IDF line~32 Did not find "GroundHeatTransfer:Slab:MatlProps" in list of Objects * Severe * IP: IDF line~43 Did not find "GroundHeatTransfer:Slab:BoundConds" in list of Objects * Severe * IP: IDF line~52 Did not find "GroundHeatTransfer:Slab:BldgProps" in list of Objects * Severe * IP: IDF line~74 Did not find "GroundHeatTransfer:Slab:EquivalentSlab" in list of Objects * Severe * IP: The IDF file has no records. * Severe * IP: Other miscellaneous errors found in input * ~~~ * Possible Invalid Numerics or other problems. * Fatal * IP: Errors occurred on processing input file. Preceding condition(s) cause termination. *** GroundTempCalc:Slab Terminated--Fatal Error Detected. 0 Warning; 8 Severe Errors

The errors are very strange because all of the inputs are actually populated in the cells. I am available to send the file.

Thanks in advance

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@ukanuts Please send a link to your file

Avi's avatar Avi  ( 2018-09-20 11:53:21 -0500 )edit

Hi Avi,

thanks. Could you please tell me why the first file preprocessor_GHTransferdoesnt work as opposed to rev1?

lukanuts's avatar lukanuts  ( 2018-10-05 03:01:40 -0500 )edit

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answered 2018-10-04 15:17:11 -0500

GroundHeatTransfer:* objects are EnergyPlus idf objects which get used to automatically run slab as a pre-processing step when running an EnergyPlus simulation. For this use case, run the idf from the EP-Launch Single Input File tab.

If you want to run the Slab processor directly from the EP-Launch Utilities tab, then the idf objects are different. Essentialy, remove the "GoundHeatTransfer:Slab:" from the front of each object type (and delete the control object and any other objects that aren't Slab inputs). See example file \EnergyPlusVx-y-z\PreProcess\GrndTempCalc\SlabExample.idf.

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