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how to input in IDF in order to run Two air conditioning unit in one zone simultaneously?

asked 2018-09-13 08:00:50 -0500

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updated 2018-09-13 08:01:52 -0500

I model one zone with two window type air conditioning unit. In the equipment connection list there is sequence or simulation order of the two aircon. Now the problem is that the two aircon units runs simultaneously during its operation. I want to know on how to input this two aircon units so that during the simulation it will run simultaneously not in sequence. Thank You. Your help is much appreciated.

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1 Answer

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answered 2018-09-13 09:07:00 -0500

In ZoneHVAC:EquipmentList set Load Distribution Scheme = UniformLoad or UniformPLR. This feature was added in v8.9 (March 2018).

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Thank you Sir Michael for your comment. I'll try working my model using E+ v8.9.

Philip Caesar Ebit's avatar Philip Caesar Ebit  ( 2018-09-14 01:33:57 -0500 )edit

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