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Silent Uninstall - OpenStudio 2.x

asked 2018-08-29 12:00:52 -0500

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updated 2018-08-29 16:05:55 -0500


I am using the --script command in conjunction with the install.qs file to easily deploy OpenStudio 2.6.0 in our company environment. This is working well. Does anyone know the names of the "pages" when uninstalling OpenStudio 2.6.0? It seems like it would be fairly easy to automate the removal using an "uninstall.qs" file.

There are four pages and it should be possible to "click" Next, Uninstall, Next, and Finish. If anyone knows the names of the pages or has already created an uninstall.qs, please share.

Thank You, PeterB

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@PeterB, I'm not aware of anyone doing this yet, but it does seem like a nice idea to keep the system clean of older versions when you update, however older versions of OpenStudio on the system shouldn't get in the way, when using newer versions.

David Goldwasser's avatar David Goldwasser  ( 2018-08-29 13:17:28 -0500 )edit

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answered 2019-02-14 13:12:28 -0500

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The OpenStudio installer and uninstaller both use the Qt Installer Framework ( I believe the current version of OpenStudio, 2.7.0, still uses Qt Installer v2.0.3, but in any case, you can write a short script to automate this. I was able to uninstall OpenStudio with the following script, by calling

C:\openstudio-2.7.0\maintenancetool.exe --script=uninstall.qs

Then, my uninstall.qs looks like this:

function Controller() {
Controller.prototype.IntroductionPageCallback = function () {
Controller.prototype.ReadyForInstallationPageCallback = function () {
Controller.prototype.FinishedPageCallback = function () {
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