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[Errors] OpenStudio Sketchup Plugin - Complex Geometry

asked 2018-07-31 11:59:48 -0500

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updated 2018-08-05 08:55:37 -0500

Dear colleagues, I am trying to design and study the daylight inside a library. I have been working on the sketch with the OpenStudio Plugin but now a lot of errors and questions are appering:

  • My building is not perfectly aligned with the North so I set up in the "OS:Building" tab the correct North Axis (258º). Does this mean that I also need to input the same value on the "Direction of the Relative North" of tabs "OS:InteriorPartitionSurfaceGroup" and "OS:ShadingSurfaceGroup"?

  • Another issue that it is coming up is when I paste a lot of surfaces (around 53000). The building is composed by 3 similar rooms and I designed the first one expecting to copy and paste to get the other two but when I try to paste the following error appears:

"ERROR: RuntimeError C:\Git\OS\openstudiocore\src\utilities\idf\WorkspaceObject.cpp@836 : Attempt to write a disconnected WorkspaceObject out to Idf. BACKTRACE: C:/openstudio-2.6.0/SketchUpPlugin/openstudio/sketchup_plugin/lib/interfaces/DrawingInterface.rb:552:in to_s' C:/openstudio-2.6.0/SketchUpPlugin/openstudio/sketchup_plugin/lib/interfaces/DrawingInterface.rb:552:increate_from_entity_copy' C:/openstudio-2.6.0/SketchUpPlugin/openstudio/sketchup_plugin/lib/interfaces/SurfaceGroup.rb:178:in create_from_entity_copy' C:/openstudio-2.6.0/SketchUpPlugin/openstudio/sketchup_plugin/lib/interfaces/DrawingInterface.rb:532:innew_from_entity_copy' C:/openstudio-2.6.0/SketchUpPlugin/openstudio/sketchup_plugin/lib/observers/SurfaceGroupEntitiesObserver.rb:387:in block in onElementAdded' C:/openstudio-2.6.0/SketchUpPlugin/openstudio/sketchup_plugin/lib/PluginManager.rb:235:incall' C:/openstudio-2.6.0/SketchUpPlugin/openstudio/sketchup_plugin/lib/PluginManager.rb:235:in block in process_events' C:/openstudio-2.6.0/SketchUpPlugin/openstudio/sketchup_plugin/lib/PluginManager.rb:228:ineach' C:/openstudio-2.6.0/SketchUpPlugin/openstudio/sketchup_plugin/lib/PluginManager.rb:228:in process_events' C:/openstudio-2.6.0/SketchUpPlugin/openstudio/sketchup_plugin/lib/PluginManager.rb:287:inblock in start_event_processing' SketchUp:1:in `call' "

image description.

My objective was to at least have the geometry converted to a Radiance file where I can do the image generation by myself on Radiance. Can someone help me with these issues? Thank you in advance for your time, Best regards, Nuno Saraiva

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1 Answer

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answered 2018-08-01 18:53:27 -0500

If you're not interested in using any of the other elements of OpenStudio ("I can do the image generation by myself on Radiance"), I suggest you use a different tool altogether to export the geometry to Radiance format. The OpenStudio plugin does not "do" complex geometry too well and if you have the ability to work with the raw Radiance files, either use the OpenStudio "Radiance Forward Translator" directly (it's accessible through the API) or use something like Thomas Bleicher's SU2Rad (note: a quick search for SU2Rad came up with some old links, not sure the status of that project).

If you wanted to just export the OSM (it seems you have at least gotten the geometry to import to the plugin) to Radiance, you could make a little script to call the OS-Radiance forward translator, and then work with the output from there. This is straight from the Radiance daylighting measure that is used in OpenStudio most often, this is the bit that takes the osm in memory and dumps it all out to Radiance format:

  ft =
  radPath ='radiance')
  radPath = OpenStudio::system_complete(radPath)
  ft.translateModel(radPath, model)

If you wrapped this code with the usual stuff to load OpenStudio and load a model, this would (very quickly) dump out a bunch of geometry (and stuff you may or may not want, like materials and points files). The OSM does need to have zones defined, but nothing else daylighting related needs to be there if all you are going to do us use the geometry with your own workflow and scripts.

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