reporting: index range error

asked 2018-07-13 16:31:52 -0500

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this error message just started popping up recently when I added several Orientation optimzations to Optimization run. I am reporting to BeOpt team as instructed; can't deduce what problem source/fix is.

Message: The following application error has occurred in BEopt v2.8.0.0. Please report this to the BEopt development team and restart the application.

Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index

Stack Trace: at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException(ExceptionArgument argument, ExceptionResource resource) at System.Collections.Generic.List1.get_Item(Int32 index) at NREL.BEopt.UICS.BEoptEnergySavingsChartControl.DrawOptionSensitivityLines(Points linePoint, Graphics3D g, Tuple4 t) at NREL.BEopt.UICS.BEoptEnergySavingsChartControl.tChart1_AfterDraw(Object sender, Graphics3D g)

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