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Result Summary in OpenStudio

asked 2018-07-06 11:32:46 -0600

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updated 2018-07-06 11:47:17 -0600

Hi. I'm modeling a building in OpenStudio and i would like to know the heat gain in ceiling and walls. I don't have any equipment of acclimatization inside the building. And other thing, What is the difference between the column ''U-factor with film'' and ''U-factor no film'' in result summary

Thank you for you help image description

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1 Answer

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answered 2018-07-08 02:45:26 -0600

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As I know the method used to calculate loads in energyplus is heat balance method which calculates the loads for space. It is not possible to show the results for walls or roofs separately as they are not calculated originally. However, if you would like to see the share of any part just make it adiabatic and then compare it to the original result. Regarding U value, with film means that the resistance of the internal and external air layers are taken into account.

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