Energy+ FMU Co-Simulation (Hardware in loop modelling)

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Hi everybody, let's explain a bit the problem. With my research group we are trying to perform a Co-Simulation (through .idf FMU export) between Energy+ and Labview. The idea is to simulate the building model with E+ and emulate it in the laboratory. Outputs from the simulation should pass to the real HP. I would like to ask if someone implemented something similar because we are having problems.We are not able to overwrite "node Temperatures" and neither to implement a UserDefined component which would substitute the HP in the Energy+ model. I know that I explained it in a general way but I first would like to receive some feedback and then maybe ( I hope ) enter in the details. Thanks in advance! Paolo

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I suggest to 1) look at the variables which can be exposed as inputs of an E+ FMU and see if the variables you would like to overwrite qualify for that, 2) prepare and export your E+ model as an FMU, 3) overwrite those variables without LabView in the loop by using a master algorithm such as pyFMI. Here is an example which shows how to run an E+ FMU with PyFMI!top...

Thierry Nouidui gravatar image Thierry Nouidui  ( 2018-07-18 21:11:06 -0600 )edit