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How to remove construction from surfaces by measures?

asked 2018-05-30 03:07:20 -0600

katsuya.obara gravatar image

updated 2018-05-30 10:27:25 -0600

According to the answer from previous question, I want to remove the construction from Surfaces in order construction set specified in Story to be used.
What I come up is to going through all surfaces, if the construction type is specified one, they remove the construction from that surface refer to image below.
However, when I look at the OpenStudio SDK, I cannot find construction method in surfaces.
Does anyone know how I can specify the construction which is applied to the surfaces?
image description

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1 Answer

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answered 2018-05-30 09:04:43 -0600

A surface construction is accessed at the PlanarSurface class, the parent of the Surface class whose methods Surface inherits.

PS you might find this BCL measure helpful.

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Asked: 2018-05-30 03:07:20 -0600

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