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I've juste created a residential house. There is a basement splited into a garage and facilities area outside the heated zone, and an other area inside the heated zone with a main entrance and a stair going to the upper floor. Then there is the ground floor with living spaces and the first floor with bedrooms. To finish there is an under roof floor for the heating and ventilation installations.

My first question (probably more to come) is the following :

I've created the ground-floor and the first floor using create spaces from diagram. I've been careful to draw on the ground floor floor the same surfaces created by the splited basement in order to match every surfaces using surface matching in my entire model.

All internal surfaces are green. The thing that is bothering me is that according to the way it has been made, each floor has a "ceiling roof" and a "floor". When I check by looking using render by construction the ground-floor ceiling roof is identified as an interior ceiling with its own layers, and the first-floor floor is identified as an interior floor with diferent layers.

I am a bit disapointed because I thought that the surface matching function goal was to merge surfaces in contact in order to make only one, which is the real case. I would like to understand how I can model the touching surfaces between two floor as one in order to asign it only one type of construction ? (the case is present for every level of the building)

Thanks a lot for your lights !

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Welcome @Möbius. This question has already been asked. I will close this one, but feel free to ask new questions in the future.

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Thank you Matthew.

I've already red this post, and I understand the need of both surfaces to run well the calculation in EnergyPlus. My question, to be more precise, is the following, should I replace one of them by an air wall for exemple and make one tranparent in term of mass and transfert, or can I set both with the same type of construction and be sure that it will be simulated juste like one ?

Thanks again for replying !

Möbius's avatar Möbius  ( 2015-02-21 11:20:53 -0500 )edit

Ok, I think there are several questions here, which you may want to ask separately. First, please reread my answer to the linked question above. Second, try searching for construction and reading the answers to those questions which should answer some of the ones above. The purpose of surface matching is to set the outside boundary condition for each surface not merge adjacent ones. Without the surface matching script, the user would have to manually change this field for each surface from the default ground or outside choice to surface #

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