Ice Storage Charge/Discharge Controls in DES model

asked 2018-05-07 03:03:05 -0600

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updated 2018-05-18 06:15:58 -0600

My district cooling system has a big chiller operating 24 hours and a brine chiller with ice storage. The brine chiller with ice storage is set an ice charging mode from 9 pm to 9 am, while an ice discharging mode from 9 am to 9 pm.

My model (as attached image and IDF file) currently does not work as I set for ice charge/discharge.

Ice Storage properly charged and discharged only when the cooling load is flat and higher than around 50,000 kwh. However, my actual cooling load has variations from 4,000 kWh to 90,000 kWh during a day. With this variation, the brine chiller with ice storage does not work at all even when the time of the cooling load higher.

I saw that many mentioned about EME control. Can I get some help?

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