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Mexico Utility Rates

asked 2018-04-25 14:37:51 -0500

updated 2018-04-26 07:50:52 -0500

I am trying to get Mexico Utility Rates for several regions of Mexico but I am running into the issue that the rates change every month and the CFE website only shows 6 months. Does anyone have historical utility data for Mexico for 2017? Does anyone have a better resource then the CFE Website ?

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1 Answer

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answered 2018-05-04 22:15:03 -0500

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This is the updated site. The older site I think was better since you could access to the tariffs for the whole year, Thsi site instead allows to consult month by month, for this year and the past year. Select "Nuevo esquema tarifario" ---> Hogar, Negocio Industria ( Homes Bussiness Industry ). Hope it helps. Regards

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