What is the most efficient (or most common) HVAC system for tall office building in tropical desert climate?

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Working on a research project (which is NOT focused on finding the most efficient HVAC system) I need to pick a HVAC system for energy simulation.

I would be grateful if you could let me know which HVAC systems are the most energy-saving (and/or most common) for high-rise office buildings in tropical desert climate (Dubai), and why? Could you please also send links to available literature supporting your reply?

I have read about pros and cons of some HVAC systems in some papers including: this and this

I use Ladybug/Honeybee (LB/HB) for connecting Rhino models to Energyplus and OpenStudio. It has a list of different HVAC systems to pick from (*please see the list below the text).

I guess one of these systems might be a good option: VAV w/ Reheat or VAV w/ PFP Boxes or VRF + DOAS. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.

*List of available HVAC systems in Honeybee (LB/HB):

.-1. Thermostat Only

.0. Ideal Air Loads

.1. PTAC | Residential

.2. PTHP | Residential

.3. Packaged Single Zone - AC

.4. Packaged Single Zone - HP

.5. Packaged VAV w/ Reheat

.6. Packaged VAV w/ PFP Boxes

.7. VAV w/ Reheat

.8. VAV w/ PFP Boxes

.9. Warm Air Furnace - Gas Fired

.10.Warm Air Furnace - Electric

.11.Fan Coil Units + DOAS

.12.Active Chilled Beams + DOAS

.13.Radiant Floors + DOAS

.14.Custom Rad Surfaces + DOAS

.15.Heated Surfaces + VAV Cooling

.16.VRF + DOAS

.17.Ground Source WSHP + DOAS

.18.Ground Source VRF + DOAS

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These systems will behave quite differently and will depend on the building context, envelope selections, water availability, and a range of other factors. So there isn't one right answer here.

You may want to just pick a system you are familiar with that is simpler to model and won't give you many errors. The system will probably have a central plant, and you may opt to change the cooling loop to use an air-cooled chiller instead of a water-cooled chiller depending on water cost. Two systems that fit this are VAV+Reheat and Fan Coil Units+DOAS.

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Many thanks for your reply.. it was very helpful

Aryan Shahabian's avatar Aryan Shahabian  ( 2020-08-23 17:07:28 -0500 )edit